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Building the Drug Discovery Engine

Pharmaceutical companies often experience lengthy development cycles when bringing a drug to market. As late-stage failures of drug candidates due to toxicity continues to be a primary cause for compound attrition, companies are looking to save time and money by integrating safety assessments into earlier phases of the discovery process.

In an infographic from INDIGO Biosciences, get insights into the role drug-drug interactions, phenotypic screens, safety pharmacology, and retrospective screens play in the drug development process, and how you can leverage discovery toxicology to safely streamline your research.

Download this resource today and consider new ways your company can save time and money while mitigating risk.

Download this infographic today

This Infographic Will Examine:

  • A four-part preclinical engine integrating safety assessments earlier in drug discovery
  • Information on beneficial small- and large-scale nuclear receptor and safety pharmacology solutions
  • Details on leveraging INDIGO solutions to make confident compound decisions

Learn how to better integrate safety into drug development with Discovery Toxicology solutions available from INDIGO Biosciences.

Why Choose Us?

Get what you need from the world's largest portfolio of nuclear receptors

INDIGO has the largest portfolio of cell-based nuclear receptor assays in the world, helping you identify compounds with the highest selectivity and the lowest potential for unwanted effects and off-target responses. Our broad portfolio of nuclear receptors makes us the preferred source for single receptor or full-panel screenings. Whether for nuclear receptor or in vitro toxicology solutions, our intellectual property, ease of use, and quick turnarounds will get you to the next phase of discovery, faster.

Make confident decisions with clear results about your compounds

To empower confident decision-making throughout the discovery process, INDIGO’s technology generates clear single receptor or full-panel screening results, making for better interpretation and more accurate data. Employing a luminescence-based method and our proprietary CryoMite™ preservation process, we provide reproducible results lot to lot about the efficacy, potency, and selectivity of your compounds, plus comprehensive lab reports that include helpful graphics, summaries, and insights.

Be supported in your study with a committed team of experts

INDIGO is a leading provider of nuclear receptor and in vitro toxicology solutions, recognized for our focus on client support. Committed to accelerating the discovery process for you, our team goes the extra mile by offering complimentary study consults, designs, and research, and providing a comprehensive review of the results with you. As objective experts focused on your success, it’s our duty to ensure the results we provide inform assured next steps.

Save time and money with accelerated lab results and decisions

At INDIGO, our cell-based assay kits and services accelerate scientific decision-making by reducing time, cost, and risk associated with the discovery process. We know that time is money during discovery and aim to get you to the next phase faster or prevent unnecessary steps forward. For quick data and decisions, our kits deliver results in just 24 hours. And, beyond saving time, our kits and services also provide the most comprehensive data for your investment.

Screen your compounds using reliable science, platforms, and people

INDIGO provides a superior combination of expertise, kits, services, and support to leading through startup organizations, ranging from pharmaceutical companies and biotechs to university labs and CROs. Lab directors across the globe trust us for single receptor or full-panel screenings at every stage of discovery, leveraging our industry-leading platforms, knowledgeable people, and proprietary science.

About Us

INDIGO Biosciences, Inc. is a leading provider of nuclear receptor and in vitro toxicology solutions that accelerate scientific decision-making. We supplement the world’s largest portfolio of nuclear receptor kits and services and in vitro toxicology solutions with greater results readability, reproducibility, and faster turnaround times. Our solutions, plus supportive team and reliable science and platforms, aim to reduce the time, cost, and risk associated with the discovery process.